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Bike Delaware / Intersections / A Dutch Approach to Designing for People - Shared screen with speaker view
John Bare
I attended Mt.P. HS in the mid-1960s when Washington St Extension was ex[anded from quiet 2-lane road to 4-lane divided highway at cost of > $1M/mile. We thought it was amazing. Why? I have no idea. Maybe to drive our GTOs and Corvette’s faster.
James Wilson
There is actually a roundabout just 3 miles away. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/39.7743714,-75.5461007/Mount+Pleasant+High+School,+5201+Washington+Street+Extension,+Wilmington,+DE+19809/@39.7743044,-75.5465701,19z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x89c6e33d1efb8d21:0xd5876774fabbf60e!2m2!1d-75.5052721!2d39.7722233!3e2!5m1!1e3
Gerald White
I would prefer the double protected bike lane design, because it provides a path for bicyclists on both sides of all the roads.
Adam Crosby
How could these intersection improvements be connected to the major Northern Delaware Greenway Trail? The trail has access points just 1500ft north of the intersection. Additionally, there are bicycle lanes on Philadelphia Pike to the east of the study area
Mark Luszcz
Lots of good thoughts on roundabouts today. Here's DelDOT's web site on that topic including a map of existing roundabouts: https://deldot.gov/Programs/roundabouts/index.shtml
Joe Kelley
I like the double protected bike lane but could the size of the inner circle be reduced?
FYI. there was a concept study done for a Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) project along Washington Street Extension in 2016 but it did not progress beyond concept phase due to resident and political pushback
Doris Miklitz
I like the double protected bike lane roundabout best for this situation. As one continues down Washington St Ext, there is plenty of room to modify the space for bikes and pedestrians. It’s a divided highway that is too fast for the surroundings.
Gerald White
If your extend “level of service” metrics to include peds and bicyclists, the analysis would change.
DTV Consultants | Boet Bakers
@joe the diameter of the circle is probably to reduce speed on purpose.
DelDOT does utilize mobility metrics for cycling which are often used alongside other traffic performance measures to justify projects. It is a matter of perspective and what the goals of project are.
Mark Luszcz
DelDOT has done many successful roadway reconfiguration/road diet projects: Cleveland Ave., Philly Pike, Memorial Drive, Murphy Road, etc.
Doris Miklitz
I would ride my bike to work (only four miles one-way) but I don’t because it’s a hostile route, competing with 18-wheelers, dump trucks and cars running red lights or not yielding at turns.
Mark Deshon
Can anyone (DelDOT) tell me what bicycle-centric improvements are going to be done in Newark at Cleveland Ave. / Paper Mill Road intersection?